Here are the details, blueprints, schematics, parts-lists, and everything needed to build the things I build.  I feel much of what I have learned was because of open source information like this so enjoy!



This was going to be my entry into Boeing's GoFly competition.  I wound up not entering mostly because of fear.  Here are the plans I made.  I haven't actually built any part of it but there are a lot of equations and design decisions involed.


Custom 3D Printer Print-Head

I built my own CNC Mill and then decided to turn it into a 3D printer.  Seems like a custom machine should have a custom print head so I designed this one up.


Talisin V2.0

After visiting Frank Lloyd Wright's home of Taliesin just outside of Madison, Wisconsin, I fell in love with one of his lamps there so I built one (poorly documented by me).  This is the second iteration (slightly better documented).  Still a work in progress.