How it works

Creating a product is no easy task. But if you work with us, we’ll take care of the hard parts. This is what you can expect when you decide to start working with us.


Phase 1 - Idea Exploration

We’ll talk with you about your idea and expand on it. We’ll look into the market and see what’s out there that could be a potential competitor. We do this for two reasons.

See where the holes are in the market and where you can stand out

Figure out where you can find your competitive advantage

Remember, competition in the market is good. It means there is a need for your product. We just need to make sure your product stands out.

Phase 2 - Brainstorming

Now that we have an idea of where you want your product to be, we will brainstorm ideas on how to engineer your product. This includes the primary function of your product, what you hope to accomplish, etc. We will learn:

How to build the MVP?

What features should we add?

What hurdles might we encounter?

Phase 3 - Initial CAD Design

Now it’s our turn. We’ll get to work engineering your product. We will provide all of the drawings required for the alpha prototype. By building a 3D model of your product, we can visualize exactly how your product will operate.

Phase 4 - Proof of Concept (Alpha Build)

Phase 5 - Design for Production

Phase 6 - Beta Prototype

Phase 7 - Final Engineering

Phase 8 - Manufacturing